Krystal Capone Photography



"Is it worth it?

Let me work it!"

Ok so lets just get this out of the way- no one wants to talk about money! I totally get that it is a struggle making budgets (money doesn't grow on trees!) but think about this- at the end of your day, the only thing you'll have left is your photos. That is the best investment you can make. In turn, I invest in tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear & back up gear, insurance, licenses, software, and education. Along with that, I put in countless hours before, during and after your wedding to make sure that every penny you spend is worth it. I consider your wedding a huge blessing to my life and business, and I promise it will show.

If you value my work but afraid you can't afford it, lets talk about it - be real with me and I'll be real with you. There is a spot to put your exact budget in my contact form, this way we can find the best fit for you guys as a couple and me as a business owner/real life person needing to make a livin' in this expensive world!



Weddings start at $2500
Engagement Sessions start at $400


"Krystal is absolutely amazing. She was so great with us and really allowed us to voice what we wanted. She is also the absolute sweetest person who genuinely cares about you. Our photos are wonderful and we were so pleased!! I highly recommend her as your go to photographer!!"

-Jessica & Marc