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Melissa & Dane | Palm Beach | Florida Engagement Photographer


From the moment Melissa and Dane’s inquiry came in saying they wanted “amazing engagement photos to show our dozens of grandkids” I knew we would be a good fit. Her inquiry was filled with stories of their sweet office friendship turned romance (which I am a SUCKER for). They were in a group of mutual work friends and although she was dating someone at the time, Dane had his eyes on her. As SOON as her other relationship ended he swooped in with lunch invites and a shoulder to lean on. Their relationship progressed and soon they were madly in love with each other and in Melissa’s words “inseparable ever since”. UM so many heart eyes for them. We decided to head to Worth Avenue in Palm beach for their sweet session and spent the time wandering the areas and landed at the beach. It was the sweetest to see Dane during their session. For one, you could tell he just adored Melissa and two he seemed to truly enjoy himself! I always love it when the grooms get into their sessions especially because its really about just loving on their lady! I loved getting to capture these cuties and their sweet love!

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