Krystal Capone Photography


Molly & Kyle | Coral Cove Jupiter, Florida Anniversary Photography


Molly & Kyle are celebrating their ONE year anniversary!! They picked their location to shoot at Coral Cove Beach in Jupiter, Florida and I was reminded once again of what a beautiful spot it is. Coral Cove is sometimes a gamble- you never know if the rocks will be out because of the tide and if they are out, you don't know if the waves are going to be crazy crashing!! I'm not kidding when I say its like Coral Cove KNEW we were coming- it was a low tide so the rocks were out in full force and the waves were perfect. Molly & Kyle didn't hesitate when I asked if they'd be willing to get up on the rocks for some shots (my kind of couple!) The sun peaked through so beautifully and you'll see towards the end the gorgeous colors in the sky. Ok so I could go on forever about the perfect day it was, but how cute are Molly and Kyle?! Marriage is doing them well and they said they want to do a session every year for their anniversary, imagine how beautiful that album will be after 50 years of marriage!!! AHHH I can only imagine, growing old together will be something stunning to look back on! Happy Anniversary!