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Shoot & Share Contest Results


If you are a photographer, you know all about this contest. For those of you that don't know, let me fill you in! Shoot and Share hosts the largest photography contest there is once a year, and it is the most popular for good reason. It is completely free to enter, it is 100% anonymous, and your photos are voted for by other photographers. Each artist is allowed to enter up to 50 photos into 20 different categories. This year there was a total of 412,000 photos entered and 81 million votes, making it their largest year ever. Its the most "fair" competition there is- by making it anonymous, it eliminates the popularity contest and by having other photographers vote, its a true representation of your work. When you vote, 4 photos randomly pop up and you choose your favorite. There are 12 rounds over the course of a month, eliminating the least voted for each round.

This was my first year entering- and to be honest, I kind of did it because everyone else was doing it, I had zero expectations. Voting for others is SO inspiring- I am just in awe at all of the talent and moments captured. My goal was to get one in the top 30%-if I reached that, I'd be thrilled. I had NO idea I'd end up with these kind of results- I am SHOCKED and SO humbled that other creatives love my work enough to vote for it. Here are my official results!

Screenshot-2018-3-25 Member.png

1 photo placed 9th!!! (NINTH!!!!!!)
11 photos in the finalist round- (top 3%)
12 photos in the top 10%
6 photos in the top 20%
10 photos in the top 30%

I am still in shock!

This is my 6 year old, Kallen! This photo placed 9th and I still can't even believe that!!! I had a hard time deciding which category it should be in but I ended up choosing "Share Joy"- I just feel like it brings so many emotions of joy and being a carefree child. This was last summer when I just bought my new Tamron 70-200 2.8 lens. I was playing with it non stop to get the hang of it, and when my boys were playing in the Florida heat with the hose, I saw the perfect opportunity to make magic. I ALMOST didn't enter it into the competition because I have a hard time taking off my "mom goggles"- I just thought it was so great because it is MY son and I love all photos of my own children haha!

NINTH PLACE!!!!!!!!!


This next set is by far my favorite session ever. As a photographer, I get these "visions" of shoots that I want to do. This was one of them and it far exceeded what I had in mind. Frank and Shelby hired me for their wedding last fall so I asked if they'd be willing to do something like this for their engagement session. They said yes they'd trust me and I was jumping up and down because 1. Look at them, they are both smokin' hot and 2. they are seriously the coolest people ever. These next few images were entered into the Couple & Engagement Category and made it to the FINALIST round-meaning the top 3% (and I actually did the math and these are really in the top 1%!!).

As you're thinking "wow they couldn't be any more gorgeous", look at their daughter!!! Carmie snuck in for a few photos and this one was entered in the "Lifestyle/Family Documentary" Category- also a finalist!


This next photo is HILARIOUS- Shoot & Share has one category that is just for fun more than anything, called "That Just Happened", and Carmie took another finalist spot!


Frank and his guys killed this shot at the wedding- surf boards as boutonnieres, backwards hats, and sunglasses- it fits their personalities perfectly. I told you they're the coolest- another finalist place for Frank!


This photo is an absolute favorite of mine. Little Colbie Rose was so shy the entire maternity session, but when I asked her to give her "baby" a hug, this little grin came so naturally. She helped me earn a finalist spot in the "Maternity" category!


This one get my eyes watery every time I look at it. Drew was diagnosed with Leukemia not too long before this photo was taken. But do you see those smiles? They're 100% real. Their world has changed drastically and they still push through with grace, strength and positivity. This family is the biggest inspiration ever, it brought me such joy to know this photo was a finalist in the "Passion Portrait" category.


The Herd Family were dream clients- they helped me pick out their outfits AND scoped out this specific location for their family session. Another Finalist!!


Last year I helped the amazing John Gladson photograph a traditional Indian Ceremony in Parkland, Florida. It was one of the coolest experiences learning about the culture and I was obsessed with the bride's beauty and colors. She helped me earn another finalist spot!


Another HILARIOUS image I couldn't help but enter into the "That Just Happened" category and it was another finalist. Grace was such a good sport about this during her senior session!! Towards the end (thankfully), I asked her to get up on the rocks for some of our last photos. This wave came and completely SOAKED her!! Her reaction was priceless so I kept shooting. Instead of being bitter, she rocked the last few minutes of her session with wet hair and all.


These next 12 made it to the top 10% of the contest!

These placed in the top 20%!

Scroll right to see the photos that placed in the top 30%!

When I really look at the numbers, I am so blown away that people voted for my photos from the 412,000 submitted! It was such an incredible way to look back at how far I've come this year. I've never felt so confident in my work and I have become so proud of the brand I've built. This meant so much more than just the results to me- it represents the art of course, but also the struggle, the hustle and the outcome of this year and what is to come. So cliche to say but never stop following your dreams and what it takes to get there. I love the direction Krystal Capone Photography is going and couldn't do it without the support and love from you all. I couldn't thank you enough!